Cães da Raça Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino, Dogue Argentino, Venda de Filhotes, Padreadores, Matrizes, Padrão da Raça, História da Raça, Cinofilia, Cães Premiados

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Our Kennel Dogo Argentino

Placed in Brazil, in the town of Santa Cruz do Sul, central region of Rio Grande do Sul, our kennel has all the infrastructure necessary to raise the best dogs of the breed Dogo Argentino. Our kennel has at its disposal several structures, forming a complex with the strictest standards, providing our dogs what is best in terms of accommodations, raising and leisure.

Besides the daily observation that they are submitted by their feeders’ eyes, our animals periodically receive the visit of our vet and technical responsible, in order to give sequence to the vaccines and vermicide program, breeding team medical assessment and handling orientation, establishing rules for the execution of the established program.

Our commitment is to offer the best Dogo Argentino breed and, above all, treating our animals always with caring and respect.

La Rosa De La Sierra - Dogo Argentino - Travessa Dona Leopoldina, 499 - Santa Cruz do Sul - RS - Brasil
Fone: (51) 3704-9114 / Celular Vivo:(51) 9818-7079 - E-Mail: dogoargentino@larosadelasierra.com.br